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I am so glad that I chose Innovative Consulting. The staff was professional and very, very helpful and patient. I will definitely work with them again. I have begun referring my friends to them. They gave me exactly what I was hoping to get in a web site. Two thumbs up for Innovative Consulting!

- Phoyola ArqITech, USA
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  Product Authentication & Verification ( Anti Counterfeiting Solution)
Consumer desires to get a quality product for the money he is paying. He tends to buy branded items for quality assurance associated with the name of the manufacturer. He goes through a strong need to know that the product is original; he is not over charged by retailer, manufacturing dates and expiry dated are correct.

To satisfy his desires he has a propensity to use modern, more reliable, efficient, effective, speedy method. SMS has become a common practice and it has the potential of satisfying the consumers need.

The authenticity to the system is further added by combination of multiple high profile organizations towards a common goal. Our Solution is not only an anti counterfeit product but is also a good advertisement and adds more reliability to already earned goodwill.

The best ways is to counter check each and every product at the point of sale by the manufacturer itself and give proof of validation to customer.

Pakistan's Leading Product Authentication & Verification (Anti Counterfeiting) Solution Provider!!

A Glimpse of our solution;


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