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What we count on when working with a consulting group is integrity, and a willingness to take our idea’s, perfect them and implement them in a timely fashion. Innovative Consulting does that for us. We highly recommend them!
Ken Dawson / Federal IT Publications, USA

IC took the effort and showed great patience to study the requirement of National Environmental Information Management System (NEIMS) web portal and its manual practices and turned the wild elephant into a Content Management System (CMS) system that suited theNEIMS environment.
Training was conducted in such a way that, the users were easily able to adapt to the new system that was different from the way they were working all along.
We would like to thank you once again for all the efforts you put to make the CMS in NEIMS both a reality and a success.
Usman / NEIMS

During a challenging period of change for our location , Innovative Consulting IT capabilities and skills played a key part in successfully addressing the many challenges involved. They have established IT infrastructure in our multi stories premises before the deadline.

Ikram / CCP

Innovative Consulting was an amazing service provider to work with. Their quality of work was excellent, and completed all specifications required. They even made some changes after the project was complete. They did a great job, and we will use them again. Highly reccomended A++.

Steve Philly web Solutions, USA

Innovative Consulting did a great job on my project. Their quality of work was excellent. All specifications were completed and on time. Price can''t be beat. Highly reccomended A++.
Steve Philly web Solutions, USA

Innovative Consulting showed infinite patience in developing the web portal and did a great job. In the instance that there were problems they took great pains to sort it out once I brought it to their attention. Would definitely work with them again.
VisageIT, USA

I am so glad that I chose Innovative Consulting. The staff was professional and very, very helpful
and patient. I will definitely work with them again. I have begun referring my friends to them. They gave me exactly what I was hoping to get in a website. Two thumbs up for Innovative Consulting!!!
Phoyola ArqITech, USA

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