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What we count on when working with a consulting group is integrity, and a willingness to take our idea’s, perfect them and implement them in a timely fashion. Innovative Consulting does that for us. We highly recommend them!

Ken Dawson / Federal IT Publications
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  Business Process Outsourcing

Offshore Outsourcing has come a long way from its origins as a strategic source of inexpensive talent. Innovative Consulting offers world-class offshore outsourcing and consulting services guaranteed to cut costs and improve quality. Our clients depend on our BPO practices to improve the bottom line and concentrate more efficiently on their core business activities, at the same time maintain a high quality of service and delivery.

IT Outsourcing to Offshore
Innovative Consulting is situated in Pakistan and that allows us to develop quality applications at significantly lower cost in comparison with USA or Western Europe. We are very concerned about providing professional support to our customers right through the whole development process with significant cost-effective methods at the same time.

Benefits of Outsourcing
Reduce overheads, free up resources
Avoid capital expenditure
Improve efficiency
Offload non-core functions
Get access to specialized skills
Save on manpower and training costs

Reduce operating costs
Establish long-term, strategic relationships with world-class service providers.
Spread your risks

Avoid the cost of chasing technology
Leverage the provider's extensive investments in technology, methodologies and people
Benefit from the provider's expertise in solving problems for a variety of clients with similar requirements.
Obtain needed project management and implementation consulting expertise, along with access to best practices and proven methodologies

Reduce the risk of technological obsolescence and increase efficiency by consolidating and centralizing functions
Keep pace and minimize the impact of rapid changes in applications and standards
Reduce the overall IT management burden while retaining control of strategic decision making.

Speed to deploy technology solutions
By augmenting your organization with selective skills or professionals in remote locations, technology solutions are implemented faster.

You realize your benefits earlier.

Primary reason for choosing offshore option
–Costs reduction: 53%
–Staff constraints: 22%
–Time to market: 16%
–Specific expertise: 7%
–Other 2%

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